Carlsbad, CA: (760) 845-8780


Dr. Radojevic promotes a soothing and home-like environment in her practice in order to assist people to feel safe and comfortable in order to deal with issues and problems. She is an independent practitioner who values privacy and confidentiality. Dr. Radojevic believes that helping people is truly her mission and not merely a career. She works with children with behavioral problems, couples therapy, and individual therapy as indicated along with multiple specialty areas.  

Dr. Radojevic or “Dr. Rad” as many of her clients refer to her is also skilled in utilizing different forms of therapeutic approaches.  She is well versed in psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Dr. Rad believes that a comprehensive clinical evaluation determines the process or choice of the therapeutic approach.  Regardless of the approach, meeting with people in a warm and empathic environment is necessary in order to enhance change and growth for the individual, couple or family. 

Dr. Rad’s extensive clinical experience plays a crucial role in her astute identification of how to proceed with helping people bridge the gap between their current emotional struggles toward resolution of their issues.  Dr. Rad is a firm believer in the collaborative nature of working with people to create a synergistic affect that ignites their energy to re-define and replace maladaptive behaviors with effective and healthier behaviors for themselves and interpersonally.