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Dr. Rad is an expert in psychological evaluations for couples, egg donors, and surrogates.  She is committed to performing evaluations for a team of doctors who depend on her clinical opinion in whether or not to proceed with medical treatment of these cases.  Over the past two years she has gone to Spain to evaluate and screen couples for Building Families, Inc.   This is an important function in order to promote well-being for couples who desire a child in turn to protect the surrogate who wants to help a couple.

Dr. Rad’s focus is to ensure that both the intended parent and the surrogate or egg donor are all emotionally stable to enter into such an arrangement.  Also, her evaluation and recommended follow-up therapy for this population is state of the art in promoting a positive outcome of the desired results.  In addition, she facilitates a healthy return for the surrogate to her own life after her contribution to a couple.  Dr.  Rad is intricately involved in consulting with Building Families, Inc. on an on-going and consistent basis regarding psychological issues for the surrogate and couple.  

Since 1996, Dr. Rad has been affiliated with Southern Orange County Pediatrics.  She implemented a complimentary Parent Line for SOCPA.  This service helps parents with their child’s behavioral problems with a simple phone call.   Over the past 10 years, other pediatric offices have become interested in this service as well.  Dr. Rad has taken hundreds of phone calls to help parents with behavioral management of children’s problems.  Her early diagnosis of children’s problems has promoted a preventive model of helping parents and children to reduce suffering in the entire family system. 

Parent Line Flyer

Dr. Rad has an expertise in chronic pain disorders which afflict women three times more frequently than men.  She has had research grants at the university level since 1988 and has published her research in medical and psychological professional journals.  Dr. Rad focuses on pain and stress management for the chronic pain patient as well as their issues with interpersonal and intimate relationships.  She has an expertise in couple and marital therapy that is instrumental in helping people with chronic pain enhance their life by re-defining and re-connecting with significant others despite their medical condition.  Dr. Rad works closely with physicians to promote a comprehensive health team to help patients define and change maladaptive psychological patterns.